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Port of Lies

In 2023, Wwwind Studio participated in the highly anticipated legal drama series, " Port of Lies " where they were responsible for all the visual effects production. This collaboration marked their first project with director Freddy Tang, who transitioned from the legal profession to the world of filmmaking. The series is adapted from Freddy Tang's novel of the same name, which won the 2nd Mirror Fiction Million-Dollar Film and Television Novel Award. It's a work that not only entertains but also inspires, making it suitable for viewers who enjoy legal dramas and care about social issues. Check out our Breakdown special to see the dedication we put into its production!

As the protagonist, Tong Baoju, says, "The truth can drive people crazy," the visual effects aim to immerse the audience in every aspect. It starts with the precise depiction of the media chaos resulting from the explosion of information, including elements like live broadcasts, encrypted videos, television, and surveillance screens. We use the murder case of foreign fishermen as the backdrop, creating a vivid and sometimes gruesome sense of déjà vu. The visual effects include the chilling and decayed details of Abu's fingers, the healing of Tong's father's severed finger, the accident scene involving the first mate "Ah Min," and the father-son photo that Tong Baoju gazes upon.

These visual effects intricately intertwine with the social issues and complex human nature portrayed in the series, leaving a lasting impact and ensuring a smooth, gripping pace throughout the drama. You won't want to step away from the screen for even a moment.


罡風這次參與2023年最受矚目律政影集《 #八尺門的辯護人 》全劇視效製作,與律師轉戰影視創作的導演唐福睿首次合作,根據唐導獲得第二屆鏡文學百萬影視小說首獎的同名著作改編,是一部既能娛樂又能啟發的作品,適合所有喜歡看律政劇和關心社會議題的觀眾,看看我們用心製作的幕後特輯吧!!!!




VFX Animation

爛  指    R o t t e n    F i n g e r


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