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The Silent Forest

A real-life adaptation of the school bullying incident - known as the Taiwanese version of "Silenced", starring monster newcomer , which was nominated for eight Golden Horse Awards at once. The innocent students are playing a game together, but the game is a secret, but why can't they tell? Who wins and who loses? Or is the unspeakable game that everyone talks about just a helpless cry for help? In the silent world of solitude, just because you can't hear, doesn't mean you can't see, in fact, you are not alone.


真實校園霸凌事件改編–被譽為台版《熔爐》,怪物新人陳姸霏、劉子銓、南韓童星金玄彬主演 , 一次入圍金馬獎8項大獎, 學校裡很寧靜,但卻充斥著詭異氛圍。天真無邪的學生一起在玩一個遊戲,但這個遊戲卻是不能說的祕密,可是到底為什麼不能說…在這個遊戲中,什麼才是勝利?誰勝誰負?又或,大家口中不能說的遊戲只是一種無助的求救訊號?在孤寂的無聲世界中,聽不見,不代表看不見,其實,你並不孤單。



Directed by : 
Character Design & Visual Effects : 
VFX Supervisor : 
Creative Director : 
2D VFX Artists & Compositer : 


3D VFX Artists : 

柯貞年 Chen Nien Ko

罡風創意映像有限公司 wwwind studio
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
林韋宏 Wei Hong Lin 李芊吟 Qian Yin Li
余采霈 Tsai Pei Yu 丁鈺家 Yu Jia Ding 
蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 江怡賢 Henry Chiang

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