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In order to create a cinematic production,wwwind studio team was involved in the entire process from proposal, on-set filming to post-production.When writing the script, the team continued to communicate with the director and scriptwriter to conceptualize and execute the images. On set, the team still reported to work every day, staring at the monitors with the director, constantly thinking about the feasibility of adding special effects to the images in front of them, and adjusting the images if necessary.
" VFX is to make sure at each step that the picture the director has in mind can be executed."
The scenes are extended and reconstructed to create epic majesty, and the creature-like effects are synthesized to create a realistic picture in front of the audience.






Directed by : 
Character Design & Visual Effects : 
VFX Supervisor : 
On-set VFX Supervisor : 
On-Set VFX Assistant : 
VFX Producer : 
VFX Project Coodinator : 
Previsualization Design : 
CG Scene & Character Design : 
Title Motion Design : 
CG  Supervisor : 
Modelers : 





Texture & Lighting Artists


Fur & Clothes simulation Artists : 

Tracking & Match Move Artists : 


Rigging Artist : 

Lead Animator : 

Animator : 



Project Manager : 
FX Supe
rvisor : 
FX Artists : 
2D Supervisors : 
2D Artists : 


Motion Capture : 

Cooperation : 

Director General : 
Render Farm PI : 
Member : 

Aerial Photography Operator : 

曹瑞原 Jui Yuan Tsao

罡風創意映像有限公司 wwwind studio
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen
陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 江怡賢 Henry Chiang
陳彥君 Miya Chen
馮靖雯 Feng Jing Wun
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen
陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 閻柏安 Po-An Yen
葉庭妤 Ting Yu Yeh
陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 施和成 Ho Cheng Shih
江怡賢 Henry Chiang 曾彥偉 Wayne Tseng 林璟鴻Michael Lin

陳莉蓉 Eva Chen 丁鈺家 Ding Yu Jia 黃聖芬 Debby Huang

(白鹿動畫) 胡伊欣Hu I Hsin 曾心妤 Sin Yu Zeng 應佩穎 Pei Ying Ying
                      蔡政宏 Cheng Hung Tsai

(夢想動畫) 鄭惠姍 Hui Shan Cheng 郭紀威 Chi Wei Kuo 李亞憲 Ya Hsien Lee

江怡賢 Henry Chiang 曾彥偉 Wayne Tseng 林璟鴻Michael Lin

黃聖芬 Debby Huang (白鹿動畫) 胡伊欣Hu I Hsin 曾心妤 Sin Yu Zeng

陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 曾懷儒Huai Ju Tseng 曾彥偉 Wayne Tseng

林璟鴻Michael Lin  (夢想動畫) 鄭惠姍 Cheng Hui Shan

陳晏平Yen Ping Chen 江怡賢 Henry Chiang 黃俊瑋 Jacky Huang

(黑綿羊映畫)李中魁 Jhong Kuei Li 賴彥霖 Yan Lin Lai 

江怡賢 Henry Chiang 曾彥偉 Wayne Tseng  陳莉蓉 Eva Chen
陳宜薇 Yi Wei Chen 
(黑綿羊映畫) 陳俊儒 Jyun Ru Chen 羅唯嘉 Wei Jya Lou 

(夢想動畫) 許博翔 Bo Xiang Xu

江怡賢 Henry Chiang 
(黑綿羊映畫) 陳威志 We iZhi Chen 
(白鹿動畫) 鄭詠倫 Terence Cheng

曾彥偉 Wayne Tseng 蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 陳宜薇 Yi Wei Chen 李亮緯 Evson Lee

(黑綿羊映畫) 白雅婷 Ya Ting Bai 周芳瑩 Fang Ying Chou 

(白鹿動畫) 竇詠恩 Yung En Tou 陳煜豪 Yu Hao Chen 
(夢想動畫)許博翔 Bo Xiang Xu  
(黑綿羊映畫) 李佳彤 Elane Lee 李敏賢 Anthea Le
曾懷儒 Huai Ju Tseng
施和成 Ho Cheng Shih 林秉言 Ping Yen Lin 黃緯誠 Wei Cheng Huang
林韋宏 Wei Hong Lin  (白鹿動畫) 陳文農 Wono Chen   

林韋宏 Wei Hong Lin 黃俊瑋 Jacky Huang 林璟鴻 Michael Lin
李芊吟 Qian Yin Li 
余采霈 Tsai Pei Yu 李亮緯 Evson Lee 張藝騰 Yiteng Zhang
黃栢叡 Po Jui Huang 
陳煜騰 Barney Chen 廖顯杰 Xian Jie Liao
蕭于翔 Sam Siao 蕭一慧 Yi Huei Siao 
彭智瑛 Chih Ying Peng
唐鈺淇 Yu Chi Tang 李婉鈴 Wan Ling Lee

(白鹿動畫) 劉文豪 Wen-Hao Liou 吳建寧Chien-Ning Wu 熊各 WBB
許允聖Yun Sheng Syu
中國科技大學數位多體設計系Department of 
digital multimedia design china
university of technology

國家實驗研究院 National Applied Research Laboratories

國家高速網路與計算中心 National Center for High-performance Computing
史曉斌 Shepherd Shi
郭嘉真 Chia-Chen Kuo

連江祥 Andy Lian 張國相  King Chang 王明仁 Renny Wang 
賴傳霖 Chuanlin La
王志維 Chih-Wei Wang 蕭邵庭 Kevin Hsiao 陳翊庭 Yiting Chen 劉佳育 Selene Liu
張政雄 Cheng Hsiung Chang 

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