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Eye of the Storm


" Eye of the Storm " is a "sympathetic film" that presents the SARS epidemic based on historical facts, with nearly 300 special effects shots.
Wwwind Studio worked together with director Lin Junyang and producer Aileen LI on the entire film's visual effects production and the design of t
he opening and closing credits.

The movie uses 3D  to create the environment of Taipei City 20 years ago, including building scenes, enhancing the realism of the surgery scenes, and applying a lot of outdoor and window scenes. The scene is more natural and vivid.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of " Eye of the Storm " to feel our dedication.


《疫起》主打「共感電影」根據史實編寫呈現 SARS 疫情,全片特效製作近 300 顆特效鏡頭,與導演林君陽、監製李耀華 共同合作整部片的視效製作跟片頭尾包裝設計。

戲中使用 3D 技術創造 20 年前車水馬龍的台北市環境,包含建置場景、加強手術場景真實感,大量應用在所有戶外跟窗外畫面,以及製作一顆長達 26 秒的特效鏡頭,特別挑戰 3D CG 群眾的表演,不只為了增加人群數量,讓群眾適時地作出相對應的動作,進而與導演一起調度群眾的走位,讓場面更為自然生動。


3D Character Operation

3D Character Scan Passage 


Turntable  People


3D CG Motion 


3D Character Scan 


搭配 3D 掃描技術,掃描 50 多達幾位的氛圍演員,並製作模型,利用造型差異,讓它們自然融入電影情境中。


3D Crowd Simulation 


3D CG Motion