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疫起 Eye of the Storm
Concept Design  


Eye of the Storm film title concept design

Title Sequence Design is also the strength of Wwwind Studio. In " Eye of the Storm ", the team is responsible for the dynamic visual packaging of the Sequence Design, and during the development process, the team explored through the analysis of the plot and how to create an emotional visual connection to integrate the visual into the plot step by step.




Title Development


During the development process, we attempted to create an atmosphere of gas greenhouse effect in both dark and bright environments, aiming to evoke fear of indoor viruses. After multiple explorations, we ultimately converged back to text, anthropomorphizing it to evoke a sense of breathing and the slow encroachment of the virus.




End credits development


During the development of the ending, two aspects were developed with the premise of emotional positivity as the core message: the arrival of dawn and the beginning of family reunions. Ultimately, these two images were combined, depicting a scene of households lighting up in the night until the break of dawn.




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嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
葉庭妤 Mugi Orange
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