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Good Day

He and his wife are negotiating a divorce, and Jiacheng, who has been kicked out of the house, sneaks home to get a golf ball while his wife is away. At the same time, a strong typhoon called "Wing Ching" comes, a typhoon with the same name as his wife...


與妻子正在協商離婚,被趕出門的家誠,這天趁母老虎不在家,潛回家中拿取高爾夫球。 此時,強颱「詠晴」來襲,一個與老婆同名的颱風⋯⋯



Directed by : 
Character Design & Visual Effects : 
VFX Supervisor : 
VFX Producer : 
Tracking Artist : 

Compositing Supervisors : 

Compositors : 

張誌騰 Zhi Teng Zhang

罡風創意映像有限公司 wwwind studio
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
陳彥君 Miya Chen  
李芊吟 Qian Yin Li 余采霈 Tsai Pei Yu

嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 林韋宏 Wei Hong Lin
李芊吟 Qian Yin Li 余采霈 Tsai Pei Yu 

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