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Dear Ex

Wwwind studio worked with director Hsu Yu-Ting and Chi-Yin Hsu on the title sequence of the film, using hand-painting to present the ideas of the characters in the film, and using the same model for the end credits to add a touch of interest to the overall story.

A family comedy that reveals the richness and warmth of human nature. The mother, Sanlian, gives everything to her family, but she can't bear the thought of her late husband leaving the insurance claim to an outsider, a man! Her rebellious son also rebelled against her and went to the man's house.




Preset Design


End Roll Cut


Directed by : 
Character Design & Visual Effects : 
VFX Supervisor : 
On-Set VFX Supervisor : 
VFX Producer : 
3D Artists : 

2D Artists : 

Title Design : 

徐譽庭 Mag Hsu 許智彥 Chih Yen Hsu

罡風創意映像有限公司 wwwind studio
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 蔡承錕 Quint Tsai
陳煜昇 Peter Chen

陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 張凱茿 Annika Chang 吳柔謙 Rou Qian Wu

蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 陳煜昇 Peter Chen
黃亮鈞 Liang Chun Huang

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