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Miss Shampoo


2023 this year's most delightfully innocent Taiwanese film " Miss Shampoo " , filled with laughter! 

Can you spot the visual effects that will make you burst out laughing ?  Let's be moved to tears by pure love together! 


Wwwind Studio collaborates with the playful director, Giddens Ko again, to handle the entire visual effects production and the opening and closing sequences of the film.

From the hairstyling salon of the shampoo girl to the love story in the underworld, the packaging concept incorporates a fusion of retro posters and flashy stickers, adding many playful design elements,the appearance of blushing and heart palpitations, as well as the glitch effect, makes the plot more vivid and interesting!

Essential visual effects are present in various intense scenes of gang confrontations in the film, including baseball bat swings, various blood splatters, and that impactful scene where the special effect, along with 3D digital doubles, shows the character being stabbed by a knife, allowing the audience to feel the pain as if they were in the scene and making the visuals more impactful.

In addition, pay attention to Ah Tai and the mysterious player's ever-changing headgear styles, and the special mention of the exclusive red thread in Giddens Ko's universe makes a reappearance!


Come and witness the seamless blend of humor and emotion in the behind-the-scenes special of " Mr. Shampoo "  visual effects.









VFX Animation

3D Character Operation


3D Object Operation