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請問,還有哪裡需要強 Miss Shampoo
Concept Design


 Miss Shampoo film title concept design

In "Miss Shampoo" Wwwind Studio delivered abundant visual effects through their skilled visual design. The team was responsible for packaging design and dynamic visuals in the opening and closing sequences, seamlessly integrating lively and amusing elements into this romantic comedy.

During the title development, they drew inspiration from Taiwanese retro posters, incorporating elements of a hair salon as the background, and emphasized the title with flashy sticker elements, utilizing the rainy scene in the first act to dynamically portray the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression. The blushing scenes of Ah Tai were depicted with trembling frames and blushing intensities to convey the restless feeling of love's pink bubbles. The computer crash scene was creatively represented using a concept of windows crashing and solitaire, with unique illustrations, catering to those familiar with Dragon Ball-style watches.

The visual design in the ending sequence featured a version with a touch of sadness and a version with the actors' joy. Continuing the use of flashy stickers and vibrant colors, they developed a series of character-specific stickers for the main cast. Through a skillful analysis of the plot and connections to emotional exaggeration, they incorporated lively and adorable visuals into the storyline, creating a dynamic visual feast from the opening to the post-credit scenes, inviting everyone to enjoy a laugh-out-loud experience together~




Title Development




 Mood Bord

Styleframe A

Styleframe B


Motion Design