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Green Door

 Green Door is a 2019 Taiwanese psychological thriller television series, adapted from the novel of the same name by author Jussef, depicting an ace clinical psychologist who returns to Taiwan from the United States to practice in Ximending and a series of strange events that accidentally start his journey as a counselor for ghosts.

The creation of the mirror shattering effect fusion scene all black inner field and dissipation of the visual presentation are all hard work, the application of light and shadow to the drama to achieve the effect of additive, the overall lead everyone into the world in front of the psychologist.




VFX Animation



Directed by : 
Character Design & Visual Effects : 
VFX Supervisor : 
Head of production : 
VFX Producer : 
VFX Project Coodinator : 
On-Set VFX Supervisor : 
Scene Designer : 
3D VFX Artists : 

Special Effects Designer : 
2D VFX Artists & Compositer : 

謝庭菡 Lingo Hsieh

罡風創意映像有限公司 wwwind studio
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
蔡承錕 Quint Tsai
陳煜昇 Peter Chen
陳彥君 Miya Chen  
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 蔡承錕 Quint Tsai

嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 李彥儒 Bruce Lee
蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 吳柔謙 Rou Qian Wu
張凱茿 Annika Chang 陳儀薇 Yi Wei Chen
蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 李彥儒 Bruce Lee 李芊吟 Qian Yin Li 
蔡承錕 Quint Tsai 陳煜昇 Peter Chen 吳柔謙 Rou Qian Wu
陳晏平 Yen Ping Chen 李芊吟 Qian Yin Li 余采霈 Tsai Pei Yu
胡凱傑 Kai Jie Hu 李彥儒 Bruce Lee 李佳穎 Jia Ying Li
黃明偉 Ming Wei Huang 陳姵均 Hulk Chen

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