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黑的教育 Bad Education
Concept Design  


Bad education film title concept design

(Exclusive) Public art wonderful Sequence Design, this version in the end of the main film although not used, but still do not hide to share, the general proposal team will provide two to three versions, the purpose is to let the creativity is not limited to a certain direction, sometimes in order not to overwhelm the main, the official use will choose a simple and atmospheric direction, this proposal we still boldly provide the comic form of imagination, although not officially adopted, but Wwwins Studio still had a lot of fun, come together to see how the concept design is developed and applied.




Title Concept Design

Produced the title concept design, this version is not used to the version of the main film

It is a development project in the design process

Produced the title concept design, this version is not used to the version of the main film


End Credits Concept Design

The concept design of the end credits, this version is the unused version of the main film
During the development process, we tried to comicize the elements of high school students and novel adaptations, hoping that at the end of the film,
another dimension of imagination can be developed.


Bad education film end credits concept design

Chapter Card Design

Chapter Card Design

The concept was inspired by the fact that early students would use lacquers or markers as a pranking tool to scribble ducks.