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Coo-Coo 043

After seven years, racing pigeon 043 suddenly returns to the family home, but it brings back the family's sad memories of their son's disappearance. The family's father, Mr.Ah Chin, is obsessed with racing pigeons; his mother, Ah Min, is worried about the family; his daughter, Lulu, yearns for freedom; and his grandfather, who is sick, is dying. He is determined to learn from Master Ah Chin and devote himself to pigeon breeding, but he can only see the storm approaching, and the family is so overwhelmed that they go their separate ways. The ones who should come back do not come back, but those who should not come back are back.





Directed by : 
Character Design & Visual Effects : 
VFX Supervisor : 
VFX Producer : 
2Compositing Supervisors :

Compositor : 

詹京霖 Ching lin Chan

罡風創意映像有限公司 wwwind studio
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 
陳彥君 Miya Chen 陳東輝 Danieo Chen
嚴振欽 ArChin Yen 

李芊吟 Qian Yin Li 余采霈 Tsai Pei Yu

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