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Till We Meet Again

VFX Breakdown

DESIGN Breakdown

Till We Meet Again (2021) won the 58th Golden Horse Award and the 24th Taipei Film Festival's "Best Visual Effects Award". The key fantasy element of the film is the "red line", which is in line with the setting of the story. The lines will correspond to the concept of communication between two people. After the initial concept is formed, we are ready to enter the fantasy land of the movie, let's experience the special effects to bring a smooth, bold and dominating fantasy love comedy!
During the filming period, the team applied the ever-changing special effects techniques, 3D scanning to create 1:1 digital doubles to present the exciting fights, and most of the scenes used were "live-action effects", meaning that some of the live-action scenes were used together with post-production effects, which took two years. A total of more than 800 visual effects shots were completed by more than 140 partners, and the special effects were 100% made in Taiwan, achieving the realm of integration with the plot.


2021年 《月老》(Till We Meet Again),勇奪第58屆金馬獎以及第24屆台北電影節「最佳視覺效果獎」,本片最關鍵的奇幻元素「紅線」為符合故事設定,兩人手指頭接觸,指紋中的毛細孔產生細絲,兩兩交織捲成一條完整的紅線,線條上會對應兩人心靈交流溝通的概念有著光點流動,質感上則是有機體的質地。初步概念形成後,準備進入電影中的奇幻國度,讓我們一起體驗特效帶來暢快、豪爽且霸道的奇幻愛情喜劇!



Character Design