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Not a Murder Story 


" Not a Murder Story " is a highly-discussed crime suspense drama with a mind-blowing plot twist, revealing the true identity of the killer !

In this mysterious murder case, the darkest aspects of human nature are uncovered. Ganguang is honored to collaborate with director Chen Nien KO,
who excels in suspense, deduction, and melancholic works, in the visual effects production of " Not a Murder Story " from the visual packaging design of the opening credits to the standard fonts, our team collaborates to create an eerie atmosphere that complements the intricate and mysterious plot. The shattered glass cracks in the opening sequence serve as a key element of suspense, conveying the characters' emotions of fragmentation and unease, enveloping viewers in a mysterious and haunting ambiance, prompting them to speculate on the story's development and outcome.


Not to be overlooked is the visually stunning and realistic portrayal of the ruined fire scene in the drama. The scene is crafted in 3D with layers of flames and swirling smoke, creating a scorching atmosphere filled with billowing dust and flames. Additionally, the thrilling scene of walking on steel wires is meticulously produced through adjusting clothing, color tones, lighting, and shadows in the composite process. Viewers are transported into the heart of danger and excitement, experiencing the realistic thrill firsthand.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the story and explore the hidden visual effects Easter eggs that may have been missed.


《 非殺人小說 Not a Murder Story 》超高話題犯罪懸疑劇,結局反轉太驚人,兇手真相大白!

一場離奇命案,揭開人性最深層的黑暗面,罡風很榮幸與擅長懸疑、推理與抑鬱類型作品導演 #柯貞年 合作《#非殺人小說》劇中的視效製作,片頭與標準字的視覺包裝設計,團隊配合曲折離奇的懸疑劇情,營造詭譎氣場,從主視覺的標準字設計至片頭中破碎玻璃裂痕呈現懸疑的關鍵元素之一,猶如一道隱藏訊號表現角色情感的破碎和不安,迷離而詭秘的氛圍,讓觀眾陷入其中,猜測著故事的發展與結局。



VFX Animation

Scene Design


Flames & Smoke


Repairing the suspension wire